2022 Lebanon Property Revaluation

As required by New Hampshire General Laws, the City of Lebanon and its consultant, Vision Government Solutions, have completed the city statistical update program. The value represents 100% of the fair market value as of April 1, 2022. Please note that this is not a tax bill and that the indicated value does not reflect any exemptions or tax credits. Do not multiply your new assessment by the current tax rate. The new tax rate will be finalized this fall.

Scheduling an Assessment Review

Any property owner wishing to review their new assessment with a representative of Vision Government Solutions may schedule a TELEPHONE appointment as follows: 

  1. Call toll-free 888-844-4300 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday; OR
  2. Go to vgsi.com/schedules, click on Lebanon, NH Hearings, and follow the instructions. 

If you wish to book two parcels or more, please call the toll-free number and book your phone appointment by the October 6, 2022 deadline. Please keep in mind that the call center operators making appointments are not qualified to discuss values or data.

Please note that these informal hearings will be held primarily BY TELEPHONE.  In-person meetings are available on a limited basis and are by appointment only. In-person hearings appointments will be in the City Hall, Meeting Room #2 at 51 North Park Street. 

Topics of discussion can include:  

  1. explanations of the valuation and information on the property record card; AND
  2. market data used to determine indications of value. 

You may also review your new assessment data on the Vision Government Solutions website located at LebanonNH.gov/PropertyDatabase. This website will allow inquiry access to the Assessor’s database, including value summary, building data, sales search, and general valuation information.

Individuals who are unable to attend a hearing may appeal to Vision Government Solutions in writing by October 6, 2022. Letters should be sent to Vision Government Solutions c/o Appraisal Dept., 1 Cabot Road, Suite 100, Hudson, MA  01749. 

If your property is enrolled in the Current Use or Open Space Program, your assessment reflects the State of New Hampshire price for land in those classifications. A listing of all proposed values and recent sales will be available at Lebanon City Hall. You can also review your new assessment online at LebanonNH.gov/PropertyDatabase.

The following are various reports utilized in the analysis.