Airport Property Study (AIP-44)

The City, Airport, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will determine what needs to be done to properly surplus the 4 airport-obligated parcels (yellow-shaded parcels in the figure) from airport property to be in conformance with FAA requirements, and determine operational and financial rights the City and Airport may have to the 4 airport-obligated parcels (yellow-dashed lined areas). View a map of the project.

Work Details

Based on the availability of funds and work required, work will include the following:

  • Research land deed history; provide clear change of hands, and confirm the status of FAA and airport-obligation of these parcels.
  • Determine airport access rights to these parcels, and amount of compensation if any, due the City.
  • For lands determined to be surplussed, work will also include preparation and submittal of a Request for Release of Airport Property, in conformance with FAA requirements. An estimate of appropriate compensation for properties to be surplussed will be provided.
  • Determine potential future use options for the property.
  • Work will also include a description of "next steps" if any, required to complete the land process, based on the findings of this work.
  • The Airport's Exhibit "A" property map will be updated based on findings of this effort.
Of the $70,000 total cost; this project is funded $66,500 (90%) by the FAA, $1,750 (5%) by NHDOT and $1,750 by the City, with the City share being reimbursed by airport-generated Passenger Facility Charge revenue. The project should be completed by September 2015.

Airport Property Study (AIP-44) Map