Beautification of Public Spaces

UPDATE: The 2022 Pilot Program is a success!  There are no longer sponsorships available. Please check back for next year's details after the first of the year. Thank you to all who helped make our City even more beautiful!

The City is launching a pilot program in an effort to beautify some of our more visible public spaces. We are looking for private and non-profit entities to partner with us to make it happen!

The 2022 pilot program will focus solely on six (6) areas containing traffic islands in downtown Lebanon (see map). It is our hope, depending on the success of this year's program, to expand opportunities and branch out to other areas of the City to include more and different types of public spaces (designated road medians, leisure ways, parks, lawns around City buildings, et cetera). 

Businesses and non-profit entities have several agreement options to choose from: 

  1. Directly donate funding to pay for a beautification space (minimum of $500);
  2. Purchase, and use your workforce to plant and maintain a beautification space (May – November); or
  3. Bring a creative idea to us for consideration.

No matter your choice, a sign acknowledging your sponsorship will be provided by the City in the space. Our goal is to have these islands populated with plants, flowers, artwork, or other features by June 1. Each agreement is valid for one season (May 1 to November 15). 

We look forward to hearing your ideas and hope that working together, we can make Lebanon an even more beautiful place to live, work and visit. 

If you would like to join us in beautifying the City's public spaces, please complete the Beautification of Public Spaces Form

Beautification of Public Spaces Map

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