2022 Approved City Budget

At the close of the December 15, 2021 public hearing on the proposed 2022 Municipal Budget, Lebanon City Council took action to adopt the 2022 Proposed City Budget with the following amendments and actions.  

  • General Fund Budget: Original Proposal $36,435,870; amended to include an additional $7,500 to the Recreation Arts & Parks Budget for use on the Farmers' Market.
  • Downtown Lebanon Tax Increment Finance District Fund: Original Proposal $428,630; amended to decrease funds by $42,940 to account for two (2) properties that have now become exempt from the requirement to pay property tax. 
  • Capital Improvements Fund Budget: Original Proposal $14,201,310; amended as follows: 
    • Increased by $530,000 for the Kimball Street Infrastructure Project
    • Increased by $900,000 for the Trues Brook Road Bridge Replacement Project
    • Removed Water System Improvements (Mechanic Street) project and decreased funding in the amount of $300,000 for same.
    • Amended the scope of the Rail Trail Paving Project (established as part of the 2021-2026 Capital Improvements Program) to include improvements to the section of sidewalk on the south side of Taylor Street between the terminus of the Northern Rail Trail and the lower entrance to the Flynn Street Parking Lot to a multi-use path; amended the source of financing to remove the requirement for the project to be paid for through the sale of City-owned property (specifically 20 Spencer Street, Lebanon); and authorized the transfer of unspent bond proceeds in the amount of $253,939.94 from the Mascoma River Greenway Project to the Rail Trail Paving Project.
  •  Issuance of Bonds or Notes to Finance 2022 Capital Improvements: Original Proposal $9,047,810; amended as follows:
    • Increased by $530,000 to include the Kimball Street Infrastructure Project.
    • Decreased by $67,950  for the Trues Brook Road Bridge Replacement Project.
    • Decreased by $300,000 for the Water System Improvements (Mechanic Street) project.

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