Lebanon Community Power (LCP)

Lebanon Community Power offers citizens choices for lower-cost electricity and cleaner power. Learn all about it on this page. When Lebanon Community Power launches in March/April of 2023, look for a letter from the City of Lebanon in your mailbox explaining the program. Most Lebanon residents will be automatically enrolled and will have the option of choosing a different Lebanon Community Power plan through the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire website at Lebanon.CommunityPowerNH.gov.

Grid Reliability

Lebanon Community Power provides electric generation, which is the source of your power, but Liberty Utilities continues to provide electric delivery, billing services, and maintenance of the lines, just as they always have. Questions about the delivery portion of your electric bill and power outages should be directed to Liberty Utilities.

Customer Service and Product Options

Signing up for Lebanon Community Power is easy. Simply visit Lebanon.CommunityPowerNH.gov to enroll in the program, “opt-up” to cleaner power options, or opt-out of the program. You’ll want to have your Liberty Utilities bill on hand because we will need your account information to process your request. Enroll Today!

Lebanon Community Power Videos 📺

  • Lebanon Community Power is now enrolling customers! Learn about rates set in March 2023 in this second video. Watch the video on YouTube.
  • This video was produced to help City of Lebanon residents understand Community Power as it launches in New Hampshire and the City’s efforts to reduce electric rates and provide more renewable energy. Watch the video on YouTube.
  1. Lebanon Community Power Announces Rates, Opens Enrollment

    Lebanon Community Power has announced its rates and is now open for enrollment. Letters have been mailed to residents explaining the program options. An informational meeting will be held on April 4, at 6:30PM in City Hall, Council Chambers. Learn more. View complete details.
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Lebanon Community Power Facts

Everything you need to know about Lebanon Community Power can be found below by expanding the menu of items. Remember, if you want to enroll, opt-up, or opt-out, please visit Lebanon.CommunityPowerNH.gov

Lebanon joined with at least 26 (and growing) New Hampshire communities to create a not-for-profit power agency, the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH). That enables the City to negotiate better deals for electricity supply than a utility could get. Utilities will still maintain the transmission lines, deliver the electricity, and bill customers. But Community Power will negotiate where that electricity comes from and at what price.


Lebanon Community Power will help us reach our goal of relying less on fossil fuel-generated electricity and relying more on local renewable energy. It is being designed to save money as well as bring new efficiencies, value-added services, and rate options to local electricity consumers.  

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