2021 City of Lebanon Election Schedule

March 9, 2021 City/School Election

City and School Election: Registered voters will be electing 4 City Councilors (one from each ward and one at-large) for two-year terms, 2 at-large Library Board Trustees for three-year terms, Election Officials (for each ward: 1 Moderator, 1 Ward Clerk and 3 Supervisors of the Checklist) for two-year terms, 3 Lebanon School Board Members for three-year terms and 3 School District Officials (1 Moderator, 1 Treasurer and 1 School District Clerk) for one-year terms. Declarations of Candidacy for City Council, Library Trustees, School Board Members, and School District Officers are filed with the Office of the City Clerk in City Hall.

  • January 23 (Saturday) 9-9:30 am – Supervisor of the Voter Checklist Session at City Hall. NOTE: Last day to register to be able to vote at the January 30th School District Meeting. (Absentee voting and registering to vote the day of the meeting is not permitted by state law.)
  • January 25 (Monday) 6:00- 6:30pm - Supervisor of the Voter Checklist Session at City Hall.
  • January 26 (Tuesday) at 9:00 am through February 9 (Tuesday) at 5:00 pm: Filing period for the following offices: City Council, Library Trustees, Election Officials (Moderator, Ward Clerk, Supervisors of the Checklist), School Board Members and School District Officers (Moderator, Treasurer and School District Clerk.)
  • January 30th (Saturday) 9:00am - Lebanon School District Deliberative Session – begins at 9:00 a.m. at the Lebanon Middle School gym. (Snow date is February 1, 2021 in LMS Gym at 6:00PM.) Note: The Deliberative Session will be streamed via Zoom, however, there will be no means of participation via Zoom. Therefore, to participate in the meeting, community members must attend in-person at Lebanon Middle School in the gym. Masks are required to be worn at all times.
  • February 22 (Monday) - Expected date for Absentee Ballots to be available.
  • February 25 (Thursday): Last day to register to vote at City Hall prior to Election.
  • February 27 (Saturday), 9:00-9:30 am – Supervisor of the Voter Checklist Session at City Hall. Last Day to register to vote prior to the March 9th election.
  • March 8 (Monday) – Last day for Absentee Ballots to be returned in person to City Hall.
  • March 9 (Tuesday) – City/School Election – polls open from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.