South Main Street/Route 12A Bridge Replacement Project

Welcome to the South Main Street/Route 12A Bridge Replacement "Dry Bridge" project page. This page contains updates, contact information, documents, and answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to this project.

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Project Overview 

What is the scope of this project? 

The purpose of this project is to replace and widen the South Main Street Dry Bridge (Route 12A) over the railroad right-way. The existing South Main Street Bridge was constructed in 1949 and is on the NHDOT List of Deficient Bridges (Red list - South Main Street “Dry Bridge” NHDOT#13558A, Bridge #062/117). This bridge is narrow and does not meet current capacity needs. 

In 2002, the bridge was inspected and significant deficiencies were noted to include deterioration of the concrete and metal fatigue. The bridge rail has been temporarily repaired to help with the immediate needs of protecting pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This will stay in place until such time that a new bridge is constructed. 

The design and construction of the proposed replacement bridge is eligible for partial participation through the NHDOT Municipal Bridge Aid Program and Federal Aid funds. The current cost estimate to replace the bridge is $8.7M to satisfy NHDOT and railroad requirements. It is estimated that the net NHDOT participating portion is $6.58M, with the City’s share estimated at $2.12M.

How long is this going to take? 

The current anticipated schedule for this project is as follows: 

  • Design and Permitting Phase: Currently ongoing through November 2022
  • Advertisement for Construction Bids: January 2023
  • Construction Phase: April 2023
  • Project Completion: September 2024

Which streets are involved?

Affected streets include: 

  • South Main Street
  • Main Street
  • Seminary Hill

Which properties will be affected? 

The bridge reconstruction project includes about 1,200 feet starting from the area of 40 South Main Street (for bridge approach work) to the west edge of the Seminary Hill/Main Street/Maple Street Intersection. The project includes limited roadway widening, bridge widening, access road relocation to the old rail yard, drainage and utility impacts, and modifications.

How will I know what is happening?

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