West Lebanon Revitalization Advisory Committee

Purpose / Charge

The purpose of the West Lebanon Revitalization Advisory Committee is to work with the City’s Administration to develop plans for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Central Business District area of West Lebanon.

1. Work with and serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council, City Manager and the Planning & Development Department regarding the development, prioritization, and implementation of actions and strategies for revitalization and redevelopment of the Central Business District area of West Lebanon as drawn from prior plans, reports, and studies related to West Lebanon, including but not limited to: the December 2021 Action Plan for West Lebanon, the April 2020 West Lebanon Village Visioning Charette report, the West Lebanon CBD chapter of the 2012 Master Plan, and others. 

2. Assist the Planning & Development Department with reviewing and updating the West Lebanon Central Business District chapter (Ch. 4) of the Master Plan and to monitor and report on progress on implementation efforts in the future. 

3. Work with private civic associations to engage business owners and generate citizen interest and commitment to the improvement of West Lebanon Village. 

Visit the WestLeb Future web page for more information. 


The advisory committee shall consist of seven regular members who shall serve without compensation and in conformance with City policies and procedures. The resident and business owner representatives shall be appointed by the City Council and their terms shall initially be staggered for periods of two and three years. Thereafter, all resident and business owner representatives shall be appointed to terms of three years. The City Council, Planning Board, and Economic Development Commission representatives shall serve their respective terms. 

 Membership will include: 

1 - City Councilor (to be appointed by the Mayor) 
1 - Member of the Planning Board (to be appointed by the Board)
1 - Member of the Economic Development Commission (to be appointed by the Commission)
2 - Ward 1 Residents of the City
2 - Ward 1 Business Owners 
Up to 3 Alternate members representing Ward 1 Residents and/or Business Owners


The regular meeting date and time was set as the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30pm. They also wish to meet at Kilton Library as opposed to City Hall, in case that should be shown on the webpage. 

 View the City Meeting Calendar for the most current information regarding meeting times and schedules.

Agendas, Minutes, and Media

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Meeting recordings are typically posted within 48 hours following the meeting date. Minutes are posted following approval at the next scheduled meeting.
View agendas, minutes, and media.

Contact Information

To contact the West Lebanon Revitalization Advisory Committee, please use our
Boards and Committees Contact Form.


  • Chris Simon
    City Council Rep/Co-Chair
  • Laurel Stavis
    Planning Board Representative
    Economic Development Commission Rep.
  • Kim Chewning
    Resident/ Ward 1/ Co-Chair
    Term: July 2025
  • James Mashal
    Resident/ Ward 1
    Term: February 2026
  • Erik Endrulat
    Resident/ Ward 1
  • Andrew Faunce
    Resident/ Ward 1
    Term: June 2026
  • Jim Winny
    Alternate, Resident / Ward 1 
    Term: February 2025
  • (2) Vacancies, Business Owners (Ward 1)
  • (2) Vacancies, Alt. Business Owner or Resident (Ward 1)

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