Construction FAQs

The following are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to construction projects happening throughout the city. They are general in nature. For information related to specific projects, please visit our Construction Projects page. 

What is the purpose of the raised manhole covers during construction? When will they be fixed? 

Raised manholes during road construction is an industry standard practice. When a road is paved over, the new asphalt can be several inches higher than the old surface. To prevent a bump, the manhole lid needs to be raised to the new level. The top ring is removed and the manhole is then extended to the correct height. The ring and cover are put back on and paved into place. During construction, it is important to follow all posted construction work signs, slow down, and navigate carefully. The raised manholes are part of the construction process until final paving is completed.

Why is the city doing so much construction at once instead of waiting until one project is completed then starting another one? 

There are a few reasons why construction projects happen simultaneously rather than having them performed one by one. 

  • Seasonal Constraints - Projects can often only be performed during the summer months due to weather conditions (roads must be clear of snow and ice) and temperature related constraints (digging, paving, etc.)
  • City vs State Projects - Sometimes city planned projects bump up against state-planned projects as in the case of Mascoma St. Bridge and Mechanic Street work. 
  • Funding Constraints - There are times when there is NHDOT or Federal money involved and the City needs to abide by, and wait for, the approvals from these agencies before beginning construction. This can delay projects and move them into a timeline slated for another project, which causes projects to occur simultaneously. Additionally, there are times when funds have been allocated for a project and must be used within a given time or be lost.

When will my lawn be restored and whose responsibility is it to water when these projects occur? 

There is a short window of time in which lawns can be restored - from May 1st through June 20th and August 15th through October 1st. Lawns are the responsibility of the contractor performing the work for the first two mowings. The contractor is responsible for keeping the lawn watered and weeded until grass is established. This may mean the contractor will need to re-loam and reseed until the grass is acceptable so the project can be signed off on as originally established.