Lebanon Live Meetings

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the City of Lebanon began holding all board and committee meetings in person at City Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person OR  to continue participating remotely through our virtual platform. Masks are currently required for those attending in person. The ability to attend meetings remotely will continue from this point forward regardless of the pandemic situation. Remote participants in a meeting will be able to ask questions through the Microsoft Teams or WebEx console or by calling in by phone. Learn how to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting or a WebEX Meeting. You can also view all agendas, minutes, and meeting recordings in our Agenda Center.

Upcoming Meeting Information

This calendar contains information for those who would like to access and participate in city meetings remotely. Meetings will be added here as they are scheduled. Click on the day to see a list of meetings that have been scheduled. Clicking on the meeting will open a window with information to join. 

You can also open this calendar in full view mode which may be helpful if you are on a mobile device.