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West Lebanon Village has been the basis of revitalization discussions for a number of years. On October 18 and 19, 2019, the City held a two-day 
charrette”A charrette is an alternative to the traditional planning meeting that brings together a wide range of stakeholders, along with a team of architects and designers, to translate community ideas into workable plans over a short time period. Working collaboratively, participants brainstorm ideas for an issue and designers sketch up plans that incorporate those ideas. The end-product consists of a series of sketches and accompanying written guidance that help ensure that stakeholders’ ideas are translated faithfully into a finished project. A charrette is a great way to increase public engagement and signal to participants that their ideas are wanted and useful.” - VNRC.org
 to explore how Main Street and the surrounding area could be enhanced through multimodal, placemaking, and economic development enhancements. Residents, property owners, and business owners with an interest in the future of West Lebanon Village were invited to take part in the charrette to collaborate on ideas that will help formulate a potential future vision for the Main Street area of West Lebanon.


West Lebanon Village Survey

As part of this visioning process, the public was invited to take a survey in preparation for the two-day visioning charrette. The survey was intended to solicit feedback and comments about a variety of topics surrounding the West Lebanon Village Visioning Charrette to help us gauge interest or support on some preliminary ideas. The survey closed on November 4, 2019. 

Charrette Presentation

The following are links to the presentation that was given during the Saturday session of the charrette.

Supporting Documents

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