Waste Reduction Program

About our Waste Reduction Program

The Lebanon Farmers Market is proud to continue our Waste Reduction Program for the 2022 season. We've worked hard alongside our vendors to identify ways to reduce waste at our bustling evening market!

We utilize a 3 bin waste disposal system and at each station you'll see these images explaining how to properly dispose of your waste. Prepared food vendors have made the transition to compostable and recyclable containers for food intended to be consumed at the market.


The Solid Waste Management team will have a tent at the center of the park throughout the season. They will be there to answer your questions, and provide information about recycling, composting, and other waste management issues. 

What can you do to help reduce waste? 🌍

  1. Bring your own reusable shopping bags and coolers to the market to take home your farm fresh products.
  2. If you're taking food home with you for dinner, bring your own reusable containers.
  3. Take the time to look at the signs at our waste stations so that you're properly disposing of items. 
  4. SHARE this information to help spread the word about our market and the changes that we're making.

Check out the July 11, 2019 NBC coverage of Lebanon Farmers' Market. 📺

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