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  1. Hillcrest Acres Construction begins July 6, 2020


    The construction in the Hillcrest Acres area is scheduled to begin July 6, 2020.  The construction work includes roadway reconstruction and replacement of utilities including water main and...

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  2. CSO 11 Paving Schedule

    The City of Lebanon’s contractor is in the final stages of the CSO#11 project. Final pavement is scheduled to be placed on the...

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  3. Route 12A Pavement Marking Update

    As of July 1, pavement markings along Route 12A (in the area of the Upper Valley Plaza) have been largely completed. Remaining work includes the painting of fog lines along the very edges, Turn arrows...

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  4. UPDATED: Seminary Hill/Main Street Traffic light work on 7/6/20 9:00am- 2:00pm

    UPDATED: Traffic light camera installation: This is an advanced loop system using a 360 degree...

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  5. New Travel Advisories and FAQ Page

    Construction season in Lebanon is well...

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  6. Temporary Closures along MRG 6/26/2020

    There will be temporary closures along the Mascoma River Greenway today due to tree pruning along Liberty Utilities' Right of Way. These closures may impact bicycle and pedestrian traffic. There will be...

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  7. Crack Sealing Work Scheduled

    Beginning Thursday, June 25, 2020, INDUS will be crack sealing the following streets: Barrows, Clark, Colburn, Ela, Eldridge, Hough, Summer, Williams, Winter, Young, Bush...

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  8. Route 12-A Paving Update 06/22/20

    On Friday, June 19, the proposed striping layout for Route 12-A was pre-marked with white paint in anticipation of final striping to occur that day. Due to increased early...

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  9. Stevens Road Temporary Road Closure

    The City of Lebanon, Department of Public Works, will be replacing an existing cross culvert located on Stevens Road, just north of Eagle Ridge Road, requiring a temporary road closure. The work is...

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  10. Bear Sightings and Activity - Use Caution

    With the mild winter, bear activity in the city has started earlier than past years. Over the last several weeks the number of bear sightings and activity has increased in...

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