Refill NOT Landfill Pledge Prizes

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Weekly Prizes

This year, the Hanover Consumer Cooperative (the Coop) has again generously agreed to sponsor our Refill NOT Landfill campaign. Each week during the month of April, winners will be randomly selected from those who have taken the REFILL pledge and committed to REFILL and REDUCE waste during the month. Winners will be awarded a reusable/refillable prize package.  

Prize Packages

The following Gift Bag will be randomly awarded to weekly winners in our 2022 Refill Not Landfill campaign. 

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Bags contain ($92 Value):

  • Circular Blu Reuse Bag
  • To-go Ware Bamboo Utensils
  • 27 oz. Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle
  • 3 pk. Medium Sized Bees Wrap
  • EcoBag Large Produce Bag
  • Stasher Clear Sandwich Bag
  • UKonserve Straw Brush
  • UKonserve 9 oz. Stainless Container
  • Full Circle Reusable Dishcloths
  • Co-op Stainless Steel Straw