2019 Approved City Budget

About the 2019 Approved City Budget

Originally proposed at $77,416,034, the final approved Municipal Budget (as amended) for 2019 is $71,107,374. This represents an increase of $3,400,714 or 5% over 2018 and results in an estimated 2019 Municipal Tax Rate of $11.22 per $1000 of assessed real estate value, an increase of $0.25 or 2.3% over 2018.

Amendments to the proposed budget were approved by the City Council on December 19, 2018 and include the following reductions: 

  • ($30,840) to the proposed General Fund budget 
  • ($7,030) to the proposed Solid Waste Disposal Fund budget 
  • ($1,600) to the proposed Water Treatment and Distribution Fund budget 
  • ($11,890) to the proposed Sewer Collection and Disposal Fund budget 
  • ($5,450) to the proposed Municipal Airport Fund budget 
  • ($6,251,850) to the proposed Capital Improvements Fund budget.

The amendments are fully reflected in revised spreadsheets (APPROVED Budget), which are categorized by fund and cross-referenced to the pages where they are located in the previously posted PROPOSED Budget.

“Approved” Budget Page Numbers

 “Proposed” Budget Page Numbers
Summary of All Funds01-06181-186
General Fund07-49187-234
Solid Waste Disposal Fund
Water Treatment & Distribution Fund
Sewer Collection & Disposal Fund
Municipal Airport Fund
Emergency Management Fund 
(*No changes to proposed budget)
Capital Improvements Fund

2019 Approved Budget Amendments

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the City Manager’s Office by calling 603-448-4220 or by email at manager@lebanonnh.gov

For more information about the budget process, please visit our Budget Information page.