Approved CIP 2019-2024

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a document, which is developed and updated annually for use by the City Council to review proposed budget expenditures relative to the capital needs of the community. As such, the CIP is an essential component of the City’s financial planning effort and provides the long-range perspective and framework for addressing its capital improvements needs. 

The CIP covers a 6-year period, but the City Council only considers Year 1 (2019) in the budget review process. The remaining Years 2-6 of the CIP (2020-2024) are used to begin to anticipate upcoming capital expenditures over the planning horizon. 

As a companion to the annual budget, the CIP provides the mechanism for anticipating future facility and infrastructure requirements and ensuring that they are funded in a responsible and systematic fashion.

The Planning Board is responsible for the initial review of the CIP and for recommending appropriate capital expenditures to the City Council for inclusion in the upcoming year’s budget. 

Lebanon defines CIP items to include capital expenditures that pertain to planning and land use within the City, including new buildings and facilities, major planning-related studies, and those projects that could have an effect on the City’s capacity for growth (such projects are listed in red on the CIP Table of Contents). 

Other Capital Expenditures, including operational items (e.g. new or replacement vehicles or equipment) and maintenance improvements that do not increase capacity (e.g. repaving a road or fixing a sidewalk), are excluded from the definition. 

The cost of individual projects is based on the best estimates available at the time this plan was prepared; actual project costs are a function of detailed study by architects and engineers.

For questions about the CIP review process, please contact the Planning & Development Office or the Finance DepartmentQuestions about individual CIP projects should be directed to the sponsoring department as noted in the table of contents. 

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