Enfield Shaker Village Scenic Byway

The Enfield Shaker Village Scenic Byway runs 3.2 miles on Route 4A starting at the intersection with Route 4 in Lebanon and ending at the Enfield Shaker Museum in Enfield. A scenic byway is a roadway that has one or more of the following intrinsic qualities associated with the road’s visible surroundings: scenic, natural, historic, cultural, archeological, and recreational; has broad-based local community support for its designation; and, has continued management as detailed in a corridor management plan. 

Note that the Connecticut River Scenic Byway is a similar route that passes through Lebanon but is different in that it has a federal designation. Regional routes are designated by the State of New Hampshire under its Scenic and Cultural Byway Program. Our regional planning commission administers the designation for the municipalities. 

If you have any questions please contact Meghan Butts at mbutts@uvlsrpc.org or 603-448-1680. 

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