Why Do We Flush Hydrants?

Fire hydrant flushing helps ensure water quality and it is a State of New Hampshire Administrative rule.

When the City of Lebanon is “flushing” the water lines you may see a fire hydrant wide-open allowing water to flow down the street. This process moves water through the pipelines at a fast enough rate to clean the lines, clear stagnant water, and ensure the water the City delivers to your home is of the highest quality. 

We appreciate concerns raised by our residents who call about what may be perceived as “wasting water,” but rest assured we flush the lines because it is a necessary part of protecting our public health. 

Providing safe, quality consumable water is mandated by State of New Hampshire Administrative Rule Env-Ws 361.04 which reads in part: (a) “The owner of each water system shall cause the system to be flushed annually, or more frequently if needed, so as to maintain the cleanliness of the distribution piping”. 

If you have any questions regarding hydrant flushing please call the Public Works Department at 603-448-3112.

Hydrant Flushing