Lebanon Honors Its Veterans

Lebanon Honors Its Veterans is dedicated to the sincere, heartfelt appreciation of all Lebanon veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice to enable their fellow residents and citizens to continue to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Soldiers Memorial Building

Built from 1886-1890 by Civil War Veterans as a memorial to their comrades and as a free public library. After the library moved to another building in 1909, the first floor was converted into a war museum. The building now serves as a memorial to veterans of all wars. The Memorial chamber, a consecrated chapel, contains marble tablets with the names of all Lebanon's Civil War Veterans. 

The building appears to be the first of its use in New Hampshire. The architect was a local war veteran Ferdinand Davis. It is in Vernacular Queen Anne style.

Soldiers Memorial Building

Soldiers Memorial Building Sculpture Renovation Project

In December 2022, the City of Lebanon received a $20,000 Moose Plate Grant from the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources to restore historical sculptures outside the Soldiers Memorial Building. The grant, part of the Conservation License Plate Grant Program, is specifically designated for the preservation of publicly owned historic buildings and structures. The project's total cost of approximately $38,000 was fully funded. The goal was to restore the sculptures' appearance and develop a long-term preservation plan.

The sculptures, consisting of the Civil War Soldier, a Group of Rifles above the entryway, and the Cannonballs and Artillery Shells flanking the walkway, had suffered due to their zinc construction, making them susceptible to damage over time. Rika Smith McNally & Associates took on the restoration, completing the project in July 2023.

The project garnered attention, with the Lebanon Times featuring it in the Holiday 2022 edition. City Historian Nicole Ford Burley emphasized the importance of preserving the sculptures and their connection to Lebanon's history.

For those interested in learning more about the Soldiers Memorial Building Sculpture Renovation Project, a Part 1 Video was made available, introducing Rika of Rika Smith McNally & Associates, the Conservator of Public Art, and providing further insights into the restoration process and plans for the sculptures' preservation. The Part 2 video will take you through the restoration and the final  Lebanon NH Conservation Treatment Report summarizes the entire project. 

Many people contributed their time, resources, and expertise to make the restoration a success. As a result, the sculptures now stand as proud symbols of Lebanon's heritage, beautifully restored and ready to tell their stories once again. 

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Purple Heart Community

The Purple Heart is specifically a combat decoration and it is our nation's oldest military medal. It was created by General George Washington in 1782 and was known as the Badge of Military Merit. It was first awarded to three soldiers in Newburgh, New York. The Badge of Military Merit was made of cloth and it is the predecessor of the Purple Heart medal. The current Purple Heart medal was developed by General Douglas MacArthur in 1932. The new design was created by Miss Elisabeth Will, an Army heraldic specialist in the Office of the Quartermaster General.

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the United States who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action.

On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, Mayor Timothy J. McNamara read a Proclamation making the City of Lebanon a Purple Heart Community. Lebanon will recognize August 7 annually as Purple Heart Day. 

A Purple Heart Community creates a tribute to the men and women who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal. 

Lebanon Library Displays

Each year during Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the Lebanon Library hosts a display area honoring Veterans who have served in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. 

If you have service photographs of friends or family you would like to share, please drop them off at the Lebanon Library, 9 East Park St., Lebanon. Please contact the Library at 603-448-2459 if you have questions or visit online at LebLibrary.com.

Lebanon Library Veterans Display

Veterans Resources

Information regarding an array of services available to Veterans, including medical care, social services, rental and utility assistance, emergency housing, and more.

Veterans Tax Credit

The Optional Veterans Tax Credit and All Veterans' Tax Credit are programs for Lebanon's veterans and/or their spouses. The tax credit reduces the total tax owed by the credit amount. Other tax credits and exemption programs exist for veterans with permanent and total disabilities, for surviving spouses of residents killed in action, and for paraplegic or quadriplegic veterans. 

Learn more about the Veterans Tax Credit or reach out to the Lebanon Assessing Department at assessing@lebanonnh.gov or 603-448-1499.

Patriot Flag Ceremony 2011