City Construction Projects

The following is a listing of public works projects in progress around the City. If you would like additional information about a City project, please contact the Department of Public Works at 603-448-3112.

  1. Dulac Street Reconstruction Project

    Learn about the Dulac Street Reconstruction Project, get updates and see who is affected.

  2. Mascoma St. Bridge Reconstruction Project

    This project involves the Mascoma Street Bridge (base of Benton Hill) that will consist of a full deck replacement (including new steel girders).

  3. Mechanic Street Improvement Project

    The Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project has been in the que for well over 10 years and is slotted for re-construction to begin in 2016 as per the NHDOT- 10 year plan.

  1. NH 120 Ped / Bike Improvement Project

    Get more information about the NH 120 Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements Project including areas affected and duration of the project.

  2. NH 120 / Etna Road Sewer Improvements

    The intent of the project is to replace an existing deficient sewer line, which is at capacity and unable to accept additional flows.